Data Center compliance Certification



Today’s Datacenter and Telecommunication sites are the backbone of the business. Downtime means frustrated customers, lost revenue and business opportunities.

In order to avoid costly downtime it is important to measure important parameters in the datacenter which could affect its operation. By having an in-depth understanding of the (potential) risks in your

datacenter or telecommunication site, you are able to prioritize investments for improvement in line with the risks in different areas.

Also new standards such as BASIL II, BS15000 and other governance standards are more and more acknowledging the data centre as one of the key areas that needs to be taken into account when talking about risk reduction and cost effectiveness of IT-Operations.
The Datacenter Compliance Certification (DCC) service is an extensive survey of the datacenter according to National and International recognized standards making this survey unique in the industry. Until today, there is NO other organization which has spent such amount of research and compilation of applicable standards as our partner EPI making us truly unique.

Please refer to the brochure for a “snap-shot” of the standards to which we will audit and certify your data centre.

The audit reviews the following areas:
• Data centre location and construction
• Electrical layout and dimensioning
• Environmental control and monitoring
• Fire Suppression
• Electromagnetic Field analysis
• Network
• Operational Security and safety measures
• Maintenance and Support

The output of the Datacenter Compliance Certification is an extensive report with findings, risk analysis and recommendations for risk reduction, all in accordance with international standards. You will also receive a certificate which indicates a ‘Star-rating’ in each measured area and an overall rating of the total datacenter environment.

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