4Sight’s network performance and cost optimization services focus on improving both the economic and technical efficiencies of our customer networks using various mediums (i.e., Wireless, HFC, DSL, VSAT, DXX, etc).

Fine-tuned networks produce the best service at the lowest cost. They operate at full efficiency with a minimal amount of maintenance, thus to maximizing the return on OpEx. To achieve this goal, 4Sight reviews customer requirements and defines measurable objectives in terms of quality, capacity and cost, sharing risks and rewards. Services include network audits, QoS analysis and network optimization.

In order to provide top business results for an operator, 4Sight leverages more than 50 years of combined experience in analyzing every type of data network possible. Foresight Technologies offers unmatched expertise, independent tools, and tailor-made measurements and reporting. By designing one of the most advanced and optimized data networks in the country, we have gained unique insight into network optimization. 4Sight helps operators evolve from a reactive to a proactive approach, anticipating problems before they happen.

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