In a brief span of time, many organizations have realized the strategic business rewards of placing all or part of their IT function and business processes into the hands of a specialist managed services supplier. This allows for additional concentration on their core business and maximizing performance while minimizing costs.

Managed services are central to the business strategy of many organizations and all too often define how well a company competes in the global marketplace. Two key areas many customers are looking to IT support are data warehousing and business intelligence. Our extensive experience with datacenters, managed IT services and infrastructure management, Foresight Technologies is able to offer clients the solutions that enable them to become successful Managed Service Provider (MSP). Our clients then pass these valuable services on to their customers.

These services include providing safe, reliable solutions that transform and add value to client businesses through efficient use of technology. We deliver tangible business benefits to Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Our service level contracts share commercial risk as well as rewards. We seek to form partnerships that provide a logical way forward and work with customers toward a shared vision and objective.


4Sight seeks a reduction of total cost of ownership.
We do this by providing flexible execution models – onsite, offsite, onsite/offsite-offshore – and well-defined processes to manage transition and ongoing management. In addition, Foresight Technologies offers.

• the delivery strength of highly experienced professional consultants in the MSP business space;
• a proven track record combined with a global experience, making us a favored partner in providing MSP solutions;
• a reduction in total cost of ownership by consistently improving productivity;
• a scalable solution to meet the future demand and capacity;
• strong relationships with hosting partners;
• vast expertise in remote management of IT infrastructure and application development, making us a one stop shop for many service providers;
• a large pool of talent ensures a quick ramp up for the customer;
• ready-to-use frameworks, which aid in lowering cost, effort and timelines;
• major business monitoring and MSP tools vendors, which aids in lowering the cost of tools and of receiving quality technical support;
• a solid Support Level Agreement (SLA’s) to provide quality service.

Business Challenges
» Core competence and mainstream business
» Leveraging IT to gain competitive advantage
» Control IT related cost by outsourcing
» Maintaining flexibility
» Ensuring reliability
» Acquiring and retaining professional IT personnel
Business Needs…
» User and desktop support
» Emergency infrastructure support
» Proactive maintenance
» Security and risk management
» Business continuity management
» IT / business interconnection
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