Management Advisory Services

4Sight’s Management Advisory Services focus on IT and Telecom company acquisitions, JVs, business feasibility, business modeling, expansion of existing product portfolio and development of products and services, due diligence, and company valuations. Technical and business advisory is offered to investors in the IT/Telecom sector.

The telecom industry is changing with breathtaking speed. Deregulation, mergers, competition, and significant advances in technology demand communication companies to be able to adapt rapidly to today’s dynamic environment. To respond to this reality, stakeholders in this marketplace need to align themselves with a technology partner that understands these challenges and has a proven track record delivering world class solutions to the businesses.

Foresight Technologies’ primary focus and experience has been closely related to data operators in Pakistan. We know how the operators function, what their problems are and what their infrastructure challenges are. Coupled with our insight into market trends and what will be important, we are able to help the operator adapt systems and processes early enough to stay ahead of their competition and meet ARPU/AMPU objectives.

Equipped with thorough, value-oriented understanding of the technologies and the corresponding technology business markets, our consultants are ready to provide support in the following areas:

• Define new business processes to suit new business needs
• Identify and specify functional business requirements to fit with new business needs
• Structure the service portfolio and develop suitable product and service concepts
• Identify new sales channels
• Evaluate market potential for new products
• Conduct customer and market analyses
• Benchmark and assess IT-based projects business case for the introduction of new systems/new business initiatives
• Draft impact reports of new network technologies and services upon existing support systems

Coordinating IT projects is both a critical and a difficult task. It remains critical as user departments demand IT systems which should have been in operation some time ago. Thus, project managers often are crisis managers rather than overseers of deploying the system in the most efficient and cost effective manner. This results in poor project implementation and the inability to adhere to the project budget.

There is a clear need to keep projects controllable, to recognize requirements of user departments early and coordinate all planned and running projects. A solid basis for project planning and implementation is fundamental to success.

Foresight Technologies asks and answers the following critical questions during each project consultation:

• What are the projects with the highest value added?
• What are the dependencies between various projects?
• How well do the projects support the business objectives and the business processes?
• How to prioritize the projects?

Foresight Technologies has risen to the challenge of planning, designing and implementing projects as part of a corporate change process. The main feature of this approach is the early involvement of the client and ongoing client participation in all stipulated activities. In addition to assuming direct project management responsibilities, we support our clients in two important ways. First, with an integrated coaching and training approach, second, we provide our extensive experience to help design an efficient project risk management system, project marketing system, or project office management system.


Mergers which initially appear to be successful may, over time, be harmful to the company.

A truly healthy merger results in improvements across multiple dimensions. These dimensions include,

• Consolidation of various business units in to one winning team
• operating and financial performance,
• business and technical capabilities,
• strength of stakeholder relationships,
• corporate culture,
• pace and focus of learning, and
• ability to renew and enhance strategy

Foresight Technologies provides advisory, origination, and execution services for buyers and sellers in connection with merger and acquisition transactions, including post-merger integration. We assess synergies related to consolidation and post merger perform valuation analysis. Our services include:

• valuations and fairness opinions,
• divestiture and sell-side advisory services,
• purchase of companies in special situations,
• strategic alternative analysis.

Foresight Technologies’ Telecom Industry Practice has the most experienced and tech-savvy team in the country. Our experience and independent research of the wire line /wireless industry enables us to uniquely assist telecom companies and investors by identifying strategies and operational improvements which both create and capture value. Our work includes the following:

Our work includes:

• Profit analysis of existing businesses and products;
• Profit projections of planned businesses and products;
• Identification and analysis of relevant market and competition data;
• Detailed cost review of products, customers, and networks;
• Cost mapping to provide data at a process level;
• Customer NPV analysis;
• Pricing strategy review.


4Ssight performs strategic, transactional, financial, operational and technical-network due diligence reviews for debt and equity investors, vendors, joint venture partners and acquirers. Our services include:

• Analysis of financial models as well as the reasonableness of financial assumptions
• Sensitivity analysis under various expected future market conditions
• Review of operational performance metrics to compare against the proprietary database of industry metrics
• Review of network capabilities and identification of possible interoperability issues and costs
• Strategic positioning of products and services
• Analysis of distribution channels


Our detailed financial and operational knowledge of the industry enables us to build complex, yet flexible, models that identify and sensitize key business drivers and allow management and other stakeholders to understand critical variables which drive results.

4Sight performs in-depth economic subscriber and customer-level analyses. We calculate profitability by subscriber, product line and distribution channels to determine whether margins are sufficient to cover customer acquisition costs with a positive NPV in a reasonable payback period. Our analysis allows telecom companies to improve operating efficiencies, reduce capital costs and preserve liquidity.


Whether planning to expand an existing business, introduce a new line of products or start a new, diversified line of business, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the idea in the current market context prior to implementation.

It is estimated that only 25 percent of business ideas are commercially viable. The high failure rate of new businesses and products indicates that very few ideas result in successful business ventures, even when introduced by established firms. Many entrepreneurs begin a business prior to thoroughly evaluating its potential which leads to their failure.

A feasibility study helps to determine if a business idea should be implemented. Preparing a feasibility study requires a tremendous amount of research and thought, often leading to significant changes in the original idea. The good news is, the stronger the feasibility study the easier it is to develop a business plan and the more likely it is the business will succeed.


After the feasibility, or market study, establishes the existence of a commercially viable market, it is time to begin business planning. Starting and operating a successful business requires extensive planning.


A well-researched and prepared business plan is the document ultimately used to operate a business. It is the road map to success, taking an idea from where it is to where it needs to go to be successful.

In addition, it is one of the documents financial institutions and venture capitalists require when financing is sought for a business. Our detailed financial and operational knowledge of the industry enables us to build complex, yet flexible, models which identify and sensitize key business drivers and allow management and other stakeholders to understand critical variables that drive results.



Foresight Technologies has the expertise and resources available to assist in developing a professionally researched feasibility study. We can develop a complete business plan to illustrate business feasibility and provide strategic direction, marketing opportunities, and operational planning. These studies and professional documents are bank-ready business plans for traditional potential partners or investors.

At 4Sight, we employ / engage diverse professionals who help develop successful business plans and provide advice regarding various factors sensitive to our clients business. Our management team has more than 50 years of combined experience and we pride ourselves on having a high ability to evaluate risks associated with the high-tech industry and leveraging various delivery models to increase stakeholder wealth.