DSSS Two Factor Authentication System Launched

KARACHI (July 27 2007): For the first time in Pakistan, Data Security System Solutions (DSSS) has been launched for the enterprises and financial institutions. "We are set to deliver most reliable and effective solutions in Pakistan, Africa and the Middle East", said Sales Director of Foresight Technologies Javed Wadood in a seminar on "Online security for the enterprise and financial institutions" on Thursday.

He said that the solutions reduced information technology (IT) operational cost, improved efficiency and security, thereby empowering valued customers with total control over their IT investments for prudent utilisation of their IT assets.

He highlighted the data security and identity management and also informed the participants about some of the initiatives taken by the Foresight Technologies in introducing new generation technology to help businesses take advantages of e-commerce and IT automation.

"The solution features internet banking security, enterprise remote access and 2-factors authentication", said Wadood. A large number of high corporate personalities, representing the reputed financial institutions, attended the seminar.

"The global trend suggest how the corporate and financial institutions are more conscious about data security and need such solutions", said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Data Security System Solutions Tao Teik Guar. Speakers at the seminars highlighted the importance of online security.